Swades Skill Card Scheme

Lately, many Indians working abroad were brought back to India via the Vande Bharat Mission. However, the solution to one problem, during this pandemic, leads to be the cause of another problem. While these Indians now return to their abode, the question is, what will they earn now?

Swades Skill Card

The Government of India, in the wake of this employment crisis, has now launched the Swades Skill Card on the official website:  www.nsdcindia.org/swades

Swades stands for Skilled Workers’ Arrival Database for Employment Support. 

Under this scheme, the government will map the skills of people who have returned from abroad through the Vande Bharat Mission and will run a profile check on those who were employed in other countries and who had to return to India due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Such individuals qualify to register themselves for future employment opportunities. 

More about the Swades Scheme

The Swades scheme is an employment scheme which is a joint venture of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, the Ministry of Civil Aviation, and the Ministry of External Affairs. 

The Swades scheme will issue unemployed workers with a Swades skill card which will create a database of qualified citizens and will categorise them according to their skill-sets and  experience and will try to cater to the demands of the Indian and foreign companies. 

Summing it up

The scheme is a welfare scheme so that people find a source of income, at least until the dust settles and those who are unemployed can at least meet ends with a surer source of income.

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