SWAYAM – An education initiative by the government

One of the major reasons why education cannot penetrate the most remote areas of India is the logistical difficulties. To end such difficulties and make use of technology in the best manner possible, the Government of India launched the Swayam programme. 

What is the Swayam programme?

The Swayam programme basically is a technology-backed educational programme that is aimed to achieve the three main pillars crucial to the sound imparting of education – access, equity, and sound quality. 

When all of these boxes are checked, the dissemination of information gets relatively easier and practically everyone gets to benefit from it on a much larger scale. Education is usually not affordable to many in our country, but with the Swayam scheme, everyone has an equal shot at it. 

How does Swayam function?

We’re currently in an era where technology makes everything possible. The Swayam is a portal that hosts courses and they are delivered across four main quadrants: 

  1. Video lectures and demonstrations
  2. Specifically prepared reading materials that can be either be downloaded or printed
  3. Self-assessment tools through well-designed tests and quizzes
  4. An online discussion forum where students get to clear doubts and come up with interesting solutions to complex problems

In conclusion

The Swayam scheme is just what it calls itself; it basically embodies what it represents – a portal where self-reliance is the key. The learner is responsible for her/his own education. 

The portal offers endless opportunities to students who desire to soar higher. This is where the possibilities are endless. 

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