Ujwal Bharat Scheme

Ujwal Bharat has been launched as a joint scheme of the Ministry of Power, Coal, and New and Renewable Energy. The scheme focuses on illuminating all parts of the country by ensuring 24×7 electricity by 2019.


Ujwal Bharat Mission envisions to achieve 24×7 affordable clean power for all generated by optimum utilization of natural resources for the development of India.


The Ministry of Power

Under this scheme, the Ministry of Power undertakes perspective planning, formulation of policy, project processing for the investment-related decisions, monitoring and implementing power projects, manpower training, and administration of legislation of thermal and hydropower generation. All states have approved “power for all” agreements focusing on cooperative federalism. Till March 2017, 60 GW conventional power—the highest addition—to India’s power supply has been added.

The Ministry of Coal

The Ministry of Coal has undertaken to determine policies and strategies for the exploration and further development of coal and ignite reserves in India. The Ministry of Coal sanctions crucial projects of great value. To ensure adequate coal supply for electricity and shortage to surplus, the government of India aims to produce 1000 crore tons of domestic coal by the financial year 2019–2020. The government’s principle of “less coal for more power” has generated considerable results. In 2016, 0.63 kg of coal was used for producing 1kWh electricity.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

This ministry aims to establish and employ new and renewable energy sources for fulfilling energy requirements of India. Through this ministry, the government aims to achieve 175 GW of renewable power by 2022.

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