UMMID Initiative

In an attempt to bring down the terror of diseases that usually go undiagnosed, the Government of Odisha launched the Unique Methods of Management and Treatment of Inherited disorders (UMMID) initiative. 

The initiative banks on the well-known philosophy, “Prevention is better than cure.” 

Main objectives of UMMID

UMMID aims to create awareness among the masses regarding genetic disorders amongst clinicians and attempt to establish a more refined and accurate molecular diagnostics space in hospitals.  

What are the aims of UMMID?

Under its wide scope of work to be carried out, UMMID plans to aim for the following:

  1. To establish NIDAN (National Inherited Diseases Administration) Kendras to provide counseling, prenatal testing, and diagnosis, to manage multidisciplinary care in Government hospitals where the inflow of patients is relatively on a higher side. 
  2. To produce skilled clinicians of the highest order in human genetics and other such medically relevant factions. 
  3. To undertake the screenings of pregnant women and newborns for inherited diseases to detect genetic abnormalities at a young age so that treatment can be beneficial in the long run. 

Why is there a need for UMMID? What is its significance? 

It has been noticed in Indian Urban areas that Congenital Malformations and genetic disorders are the third most common cause of mortality in newborns. With an ever-increasing population and a high birth rate, the prevalence of genetic disorders is relatively high in India. 

In order to tackle this, the Government of Odisha has taken an initiative that brings about a ray of hope towards a medically sound future of the Nation in the decades to follow. 

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