UP Berojgaari 2020

Lately, the employment situation in the country has gone bad to worse. Statistics suggest that over 19 million people have lost jobs ever since the lockdowns began in India, which go all the way back to March. With rampant migration across states, people who had some meagre source of income have also lost whatever little they earned. 

To tackle such a scenario, the Uttar Pradesh Government has initiated the UP Berojgaari Bhatta. 

What is the UP Berojgaari Bhatta?

The UP Berojgaari Bhatta is an employment scheme for the youth of Uttar Pradesh who have not been able to bag a decent job for themselves, especially during the pandemic. Times are tough as it is, and having no money to make ends meet makes matters worse. 

Objective of the Uttar Pradesh Berojgaari Bhatta

The main objective of the scheme is to provide employment opportunities to the people of Uttar Pradesh. This will eventually be a form of financial assistance provided to the people who are willing to work for sustenance. There are educated youth in the state with their degrees rotting away, without being put to any good use. 

To offer financial assistance to those who find it difficult to make it through the pandemic, the government offers a portal where job-seekers can login and actively look for jobs all across the state. 

In order to find yourself a job during the pandemic, click here. By filling in the necessary details and uploading your resume on the UP Berojgaari Bhatta, you open a pathway for financial sustenance in the future. 

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